Vitor Figueredo


Indie game developer. Book lover. Code enthusiast.

Majored in Information Systems at IFC - Instituto Federal Catarinense (Federal Institute in Santa Catarina - Brazil) where I focused on gamification, software engineering, NoSQL databases, web, and software development.

You can download my CV / résumé here. You can read my development blog here.

On this webpage, I've listed some of my most successful projects. During the last few years, I developed a few mobile and PC games and applications, including a news reader app using AngularJS and Ionic, and Radar Warfare, a game created using Unity 3D that is currently available on Steam.

I've also worked on many side projects and prototypes, including some Unity 3D plugins, tools, and website templates. Most of these projects are available on my Github account.

I'm currently publishing games as DreamRoad Productions, you can find the complete presskit here. My android apps are available here and my iOS apps here.

Radar Warfare

April 2016 – November 2017

After developing mobile games for a few years, it was time to challenge myself and publish something bigger. I planned, developed (both code and arts) and launched Radar Warfare over the course of a year and a half.

Radar Warfare is a bullet hell / fast-paced shoot 'em up with radar theme and retro style. In the game, you will face an alien invasion. As a commander, it's your duty to fight back and save the world.

C# - Unity3D - Photoshop - Windows - Linux - Mac - Steam


October 2012 – August 2014

HARD is a fast-paced rage inducing game. I've worked primarily as the lead artist during the beta phase and was later assigned as full stack developer when the game was ported from Construct 2 to Unity 3D and C#.

Stay alive and compete with other players. The game will only get harder.

Hard has been installed over 100.000 times and it's currently available for Android only.

C# - Unity3D - Photoshop - Android

ASMR Rain Sounds

2015 – 2015

ASMR Rain Sounds was an ASMR experiment developed using Unity 3D and C#. It was created to test Unity's 3D audio system, particle system and Tizen export.

ASMR Rain Sounds have been installed over 50.000 times on Android, iOS, and Tizen.

C# - Unity3D - Photoshop - Android - iOS - Tizen

ASMR Forest Sounds

2015 – 2015

ASMR Forest Sounds was an ASMR experiment developed using Unity 3D and C#. It was created to test Unity's 3D audio system, particle system and tizen export.

ASMR Forest Sounds have been installed over 20.000 times on Android, iOS, and Tizen.

C# - Unity3D - Photoshop - Android - iOS - Tizen


April 2016 – July 2016

REVI is a news reader mobile app. It was developed as a partnership between two universities (Instituto Federal Catarinense and Bom Jesus IELUSC) to improve both university journals.

I worked as full stack developer. REVI was created using Ionic and Angular with a PHP API on server side over the course of two months.

Ionic - Angular - PHP - Photoshop - Android - iOS


Hello, World! – Present

I'm always trying to learn something new and I'm constantly trying to use these new skills to create something that will help me and/or the others.

Here are some of my smaller projects, side projects, tools and prototypes I've developed over the years.

Unity3D - HTML - Javascript - CSS - PHP - Android - iOS - Paper - Gamification - Web Development

Easy Screenshot - Capture screenshots during runtime using the given sizes by each mobile platform. You can also set your own custom size and enlarge the photo up to 8 times.

Google material/flat design background effect recreated on Unity 3D. This code was created to be easily integrated and called during runtime, requiring a single method call.

SISAUX - The system uses information, collected from academic systems, to help choose, based on some variables, the most recommended student to be granted a scholarship.

Kickups - The Challenge - Keep the ball in the air as long as you can. Compete and compare your results with your friends or the world and see who is better. Over 10.000 downloads worldwide.

Pop-up Gaming - Fight against the annoying pop-ups. Close them before they fill the screen. Black Friday is coming, it is a chance to get 2x more points but there will be 2x more ads.

Watch your Step - You probably had the feeling of being chased, now, add to that the nightmare of falling into the void. The ground is falling and all you can do is JUMP! but remember, Watch Your Step!