Vitor Figueredo - Development Diary

Radar Warfare - Pocket Edition

Hello, World!

This week I was able to finish and launch Radar Warfare - Pocket Edition. This also marks the last update I will be launching for Radar Warfare, ever. It’s good to finally finish something I’ve started so long ago. It was time to let this go so I could focus on something else.

Psst! You can download the game for free at:


Because of publishing and marketing the game, I couldn’t do as much as I would like to this week. But this will hopefully change. Starting next week, I’ll be able to focus on GDDashing again, which will be my main goal for now. I won’t start developing any game or app before I’m able to write it’s GDD on my own tool.

This app’s publishing also delayed my stack overflow challenge and I coudn’t answer a single question this week. Hopefully this will change next week too.

git add -A
git commit -m "See ya."
git push origin master

I’m Vitor Figueredo, a video game programmer and software engineer from Brazil.

I majored in Information Systems at IFC - Instituto Federal Catarinense (Federal Institute in Santa Catarina - Brazil) with focus on gamification, software engineering, NoSQL databases, web, and software development.

I’m currently co-founder, programmer and artist in DreamRoad Productions with 4+ years’ experience in game and software development.

I’ve also published a total of 7 applications, including 6 mobile games in 4 different platforms and a bullet-hell game published on Steam and available for Windows, Linux, and OS X.

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22 January 2018 - 26 January 2018